Payment plans

Earn up to 40% Revenue Share

That's right, you'll earn yourself a profitable up to 40% revenue share when you sign up and start promoting our award winning brands. All commission will be paid to you split per brand meaning any negative commission accrued in one brand will not impact another. Sign up and get earning today!

Number of FTD's in a calendar month  Percentage Revenue Share 
0 FTD's  20% 
1 - 5 FTD's  25% 
6 - 15 FTD's  30% 
16+ FTD's  40% 

Our Brands

QuickThink Media owns a host of varied and original brands, each with their own unique character, message and charm. We bring big brands to life - particularly in the case of The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent - through our cutting-edge gaming technology, original content and friendly environment for gamers to play in. 

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Be Compliant

As a proponent for responsible gaming, QuickThink Media works with our affiliate partners to maintain that our activities and the material we create and that you serve is compliant with LCCP principles and the laws around advertising standards, data privacy and direct marketing. We have issued detailed marketing guidelines to which we expect our affiliate marketing partners to abide by and monitor activity using Rightlander technology.

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Become a Partner

QuickThink Affiliates is actively seeking new partnerships with affiliates delivering UK casino traffic. We offer an engaging revenue share commission structure as standard, but invite alternative commercial proposals from affiliates with unique business plans.

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