Affiliate Programme

  • 1. What is the QuickThink Media affiliate programme?
    QuickThink Affiliates is an affiliate programme specialising in online Bingo and Casino that allows individuals, and companies, to promote our brands with an aim of referring new players.
  • 2. HOW DO I JOIN?
    Joining is easy, simply click Join Now and fill in the short registration form. We will review your application within 5 working days.
  • 3. Why should I join the QuickThink Media affiliate programme?
    1. Earn up to 45% revenue share
    2. We pay commission per brand meaning any negative commission from one brand will not impact your earning power elsewhere
    3. No Negative Carryover
    4. Popular and recognized brands to promote for Bingo and Casino
    5. Large selection of marketing creative available and more on request
    6. Fast automatic payments
  • 4. Is it free to join?
    Yes, it is completely free to join!


  • 1. How do I create a tracking link?
    Go to ‘Marketing Tools’ > ‘Get your promotional materials’. Then within the ‘Creative Advanced Search’ options simply select the Merchant you wish to promote from the ‘Merchant’ drop down menu; and Text Link from the ‘Type’ drop down menu.

    The available text links will then be displayed. Click on the + symbol to show your tracking link. Note – please ensure you have selected your desired tracking profile from ‘Tracking Profile Preferences’ at the top of this page section as this will make up part of your link.

    ACID – Use ACID functionality to track your PPC campaigns, simply append &aid=KEYWORD (change KEYWORD to your own) onto the end of your Text Links, you can use the ACID report to view KPIs per keyword. Note - keywords do not need to be created in QuickThink Affiliates before use, the system will pick up any keyword entered after &aid= automatically.

  • 2. How do I use my tracking links?
    Each tracking link you create is completely unique to you. You use this to send your referred traffic through and this is the tracking that links the players to you. You can promote one or all of our brands using your tracking links and using more than one can you optimise your traffic across your website/s. You will have access to tracking links once you've joined the programme and have been approved.
  • 3. How many tracking links can I have?
    There is no limit to the amount of tracking you can have. By using more you can optimise your activity and this is something we encourage. Remember you can also use ACID tracking to measure multiple tracking sources without having to create new tracking profiles.
  • 4. Where can I find the marketing materials and creative?
    Once logged in you can get your creative for each brand easily by clicking on ‘Marketing Tools’ > ‘Get your promotional materials’. From here you simply select the brand and search for the creative / text link you want to use.
  • 5. What if I have more than one website?
    This is not a problem. You can register more than one website to your affiliate account and use separate tracking links which will allow individual reporting.
  • 6. Why should I host creative from QuickThink Affiliates?
    Using hosted creative ensures that you will always be displaying the most up-to-date and relevant content, whenever we produce and upload new banners to QuickThink Affiliates all banners currently in use on your site will automatically update to display the new creative.
  • 7. What is the cookie period set to?
    We offer a cookie period of 30 days giving you the opportunity to be credited from your traffic. So, in the event that your potential player doesn’t sign up straight away you have a fair window of opportunity to convert them.


  • 1. How do I run a report to check my stats?
    Once logged in click on the ‘Reports’ tab. From the drop down menu you can select a number of different reports giving you visibility on your results.
  • 2. When are the stats updated?
    Stats are updated on a daily basis which will allow you to check your campaign performance every day.
  • 3. How much will I earn?
    You will earn up to 45% revenue share for our bingo and casino brands. This is determined by the number of new depositing players you provide each month. You receive this percentage from the total net losses of your player so you have the opportunity to earn an uncapped amount of commission.
  • 4. How do I get paid?
    There are a variety of different ways of getting paid. You can choose from the following options: UK Wire transfer, Wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, and Cheque.
  • 5. What happens if my account is in a negative?
    No need to worry about this as we do not carry negative commission over to the next month.
  • 6. Will I get commission on all brands I promote?
    Yes. For each brand you promote you will receive commission. Commission will also be calculated individually so each brand will not affect another.

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